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Who should be your child’s guardian?

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2024 | Estate Planning

People change when they become parents. They now have another person’s affairs to think about. And one of those affairs is who will take care of their child if you die.

It can be challenging to be in this situation. Who should you choose among your loved ones?

Here are four factors to consider to make your work more manageable:

Personal guardian vs financial guardian

If anything happens to you, a personal guardian (guardian of the person) will take care of your kid’s daily needs, and a financial guardian (guardian of the estate) will manage their finances from your estate until your child becomes an adult.

These two services can be provided by one party, or you can choose different parties. Consider the skills of your potential guardians to make informed decisions.

Shared values

Choose someone who shares your values regarding education, parenting style, religion and so on. They don’t need to agree with all your beliefs, but they should be able to raise your child with your preferred values.

Financial stability

You want to choose a financially stable personal and/or financial guardian. While your child will have the finances you allocated to them, a guardian should be able to meet their needs, particularly emergency ones, without feeling burdened.


Choose a guardian who can raise your child to adulthood without difficulties. Your parents may do so comfortably now, but how about when your child becomes a teenager? Will they be able to meet your child’s personal and social needs and theirs as well?

Choosing a guardian for your child is critical. Obtain adequate information to pick the right party.