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Elkins & Muir, PLLC, is here to help you navigate the tough times of a divorce.

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Sometimes when it feels like everything is falling apart, it's really falling into place. E & M is here to help.

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You’ve spent your life accumulating your estate. At Elkins & Muir, PLLC, we keep up with changes in the laws, and the best ways to help you avoid probate and federal estate taxation.

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Over 35 Years providing competent, compassionate representation in Tucson

Anyone facing a crisis in family life needs a trusted, aggressive litigation team led by seasoned family law attorneys. Elkins & Muir, PLLC are skilled negotiators and litigators who bring a team of seasoned professionals to your side to ensure that your interests are protected by law.

Elkins & Muir, PLLC is a trusted leader in Arizona family and juvenile law matters including divorce, child custody, child support, juvenile criminal matters, juvenile dependencies and many other kinds of cases. We are also experienced in the areas of estate planning and probate. When you’re in a time of need, turn to our experienced team of Tucson attorneys and paralegals

When you need help with a family issue, Elkins & Muir, PLLC offers FREE half-hour consultations and a second half-hour for $100, should you need more time. Feel free to call our law office staff at 520-219-4040!

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About Joy Elkins

Joy is a respected family attorney actively involved in the Tucson legal community. She has twenty-eight years of litigation experience, and countless hours in the courtroom. She has guided hundreds of clients through difficult family problems, helping them to build new futures for themselves and their families. She has served as a private mediator, and has served the court for many years to facilitate settlement conferences.

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About Christina Muir

Christina Muir has been a member of the Arizona State Bar since 2018. She joined Elkins & Muir, PLLC in August 2017.

Christina grew up in Trumbull, Connecticut, and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona when she was sixteen years old. Christina is an alumnus of Arizona State University, graduating in May 2014 with a Bachelors in Philosophy, two minors in Justice Studies and English Literature, and a certificate in Ethics. Christina graduated Magna Cum Laude.


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It’s always tempting during marriage to simply put all the money in one jointly titled pot, or succumb to the pressure to put your spouse’s name on the deed to your property, or use your separate funds to buy something that belongs to both of you. Here are some GOOD…

YOURS, MINE, AND OURS – Protecting your separate property


First of all, what, of all your property, is your separate property? Arizona is a community property state, so unless you have a PreNuptial Agreement abrogating community property, everything you accumulated after you were married belongs to you both– with a few exceptions: 1.Gifts – things that are clearly gifts…

Equitable vs. Equal Division Of Assets And Debt – What Does This Mean?

Equitable vs. Equal Division O...

Arizona statutes say that divorcing parties’ community property and debts will be divided “equitably.” In practical application, what does that mean to you? Depending on the nature of the asset or debt, it can mean entirely different things. And what is “community property?” Anything you acquired during marriage that was…

what clients say about us

  • Joy helped me a great deal getting through a difficult divorce. She was succinct with answers to all my questions and performed to the highest standard in court. During my most stressful times, she has been there for me. I could not ask for more from my lawyer.

    - Tim -
  • I hired Joy in 2011 to represent me in divorce proceedings. It was a very difficult situation for me as it was a messy divorce. Joy was very professional and looked out for and protected my best interest at every turn. After it was all said and done, Joy's hard work on my case provided me with a just and more than fair result. I honestly could not have asked for better representation.

    - Adan -
  • Joy did a great job for my family and I would recommend her as a true professional.

    - Anonymous -
  • Thank you, Joy, for playing such a pivotal role in allowing her life to turn in such a wonderful direction!

    - Anonymous -
  • I want to thank you so much for helping me with my case. I will make sure to always recommend you to anyone else that needs the best divorce attorney in town.

    - Anonymous -
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