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3 signs your spouse has one foot out the door

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2023 | Divorce

It’s no secret that new divorce rates will hit their bi-annual peak once again come August of this year. Experts say that a lot of couples delay filing for divorce through summer either because they’re trying to give their relationship one last shot, or they’re just waiting until the family vacations are over (and the kids are back in school) to start the process.

How do you know if your spouse is already planning a divorce? It can be difficult to know if your marriage is simply going through a “rough patch” or it’s really over, but here are some signals that your spouse is already making plans to leave:

You notice some important things are mysteriously missing

If your spouse’s most treasured possessions seem to be missing, that’s a good indicator they’re planning on making an exit – and they want to make sure all their important “stuff” goes with them. If your spouse suddenly boxes up a lot of their favorite things and stows them in the garage or a parent’s house on a flimsy excuse, you should definitely be suspicious.

They’re making a lot of plans for the future, but not with you

Has your spouse been unusually noncommittal about plans for future vacations or anniversary events? Do they tell you it’s “too soon” to make plans for the holiday season with your family, while eagerly discussing plans with their own? Are they largely non-communicative or evasive with you about your aspirations, while willing to talk non-stop about their own goals to their friends? Those are clear signs that they don’t see your lives being connected much longer.

They suddenly seem like two different people

Do you suddenly have one spouse who is friendly, outgoing and engaged with others when you’re in public or around the kids and another who is largely withdrawn and disinterested in everything when they’re alone with you? That’s a good sign that they’re struggling to keep up appearances for others until they’re ready to make a definitive move. 

Don’t convince yourself that your perceptions are merely paranoia. If you have reason to believe that your marriage might be destined for a divorce, it’s only wise to seek legal guidance.