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Avoid these 4 mistakes during a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Divorce

It isn’t an easy process to untangle the relationship between two people who are married. Your divorce could take some time before it’s settled. 

In the meantime, you may need to ensure you don’t create issues that make divorce harder for you. Here’s what you should avoid doing:

1. Keeping the same online passwords

Your online accounts store a lot of your personal information. Your spouse may know your passwords and could use them to reveal information during a legal battle or, simply, make it difficult for you to access your accounts. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, you should consider changing the passwords to all of your accounts, such as your bank accounts, credit cards and social media. Be sure to get every account because even your streaming services could be weaponized against you. 

2. Using social media too much

People share almost everything on their social media accounts. They’ll talk about what they’re having for dinner, where they’re staying for vacations or their thoughts throughout the day. Some people disregard how what they put online may affect their divorce. For example, making comments on your spouse’s social media account may not look good during the divorce process.

3. Dating before the divorce is over

Divorce can be difficult and many people seek comfort during the process. One way people may do this is by dating. However, if your spouse discovers you’re dating before the process is over, then they may believe this was the cause of the divorce and create a legal battle.

4. Hiding assets during discovery

You may have made several large investments that your spouse wasn’t aware of during the course of your marriage. During your divorce discovery process, you will have to reveal these assets even if you believe you have a right to them. Hiding these assets may only create difficulties during the divorce.

If your divorce turns into a complex legal battle, you may need to understand your legal rights to ensure you have a favorable outcome.