Please provide all applicable documents within 30 days of retaining Elkins & Associates, P.L.L.C. If you
are unsure of which documents you are required to provide, please give us a call at (520) 219-4040.

General financial information required:

  • Bank statements for each account on which you are a signer for the six months preceding the date
    of service. We will also need bank statements throughout the divorce process as these must be
    disclosed. (Your spouse will also be required to disclose the same)
  • Statements from all investment accounts for the six months preceding the date of service.
  • Statements closest to the date of service for all retirement accounts of any type (IRA, 401k, 403b,
    TSP, Military Retirement, DD214, etc). If you accumulated value in the account prior to the date
    of marriage, we need the balance on the date of marriage as well.
  • Life insurance statements showing the cash value, face value, premiums
  • Personal tax returns for the last three years
  • If you own a business, the business tax returns for the last three years, and a profit and loss
    statement for the current year
  • A list of personal property in excess of $500, i.e., art, antiques, jewelry, guns, coins, collections
    of items of value, and your estimate of current value
  • The Kelly Blue Book value (use private party value) for every vehicle owned. For boats, RV’s,
    etc., use NADA value
  • Three recent paystubs


  • Copies of credit card statements for the six months preceding the date of service
  • Copy of documentation of any personal loans you have taken, and purpose
  • Current student loan statements, and anything showing balance on the date of marriage

If you own real estate:

  • A copy of the deed(s)
  • The mortgage statement nearest the date of service of the Petition
  • The purchase price and the date of purchase
  • The source of funds used for the down payment

If you are seeking spousal maintenance:

  • The long form Financial Affidavit, completed in detail
  • Inventory of Property


  • A complete financial Affidavit – short form
  • The cost of children’s health insurance – please give us your employer’s benefit statement
    showing costs for health, dental and vision*
    * Please note that for TriCare we will need the Social Security number for the Active Duty
    service member, as well as premiums and leave/earnings statements
  • Documents proving how much you pay for child care both during the school year and the
  • Your proposal for parenting time in detail
  • If there have been protective orders now or in the past, a copy of the Petition and the Order
  • The name and address of any mental health provider treating you, your spouse, children
  • If there have been criminal proceedings against you, your spouse, or your child, provide the court
    and case number
  • If there has been DCS involvement, please tell us