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Co-parenting successfully during the holidays 

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Child Custody

It’s an exciting time of year, particularly for children. You and your former spouse went your separate ways some time ago, and so far, the custody arrangement has worked out. Co-parenting during the holidays is much different though, and there are many more challenges.

In all likelihood, your children will want to spend time with both of you. What can you do to ensure that their needs are met during the holiday season? Here are some tips:

Plan in the schedule in advance 

In general, it’s important that you and your co-parent put past grievances to one side and focus on the best interests of the children. This is even more important during the holidays. If possible, get your heads together and come up with a plan well in advance of Christmas day. The last thing either of you or your children needs is last-minute schedule changes that leave a bitter taste.  

Consider all of the options for big days

There are several ways that you can share the time with your children on Christmas. Some parents prefer to alternate who the children spend Christmas day with each year. However, this always means that one parent misses out. 

Another option, which might be more suitable, is to divide Christmas day. One parent can have the children in the morning and the other takes them in the afternoon and through the evening. In some cases, this will work but both parents and children could still feel like they are missing out on something.   

If you and your co-parent get along, why not both be around on Christmas morning? This way, you are both present during the morning excitement. Your children are sure going to be happy about this. This is quite a bold step that relies greatly on both parents being able to put their past differences to one side for the sake of a few hours in the morning. 

Sharing custody can be tricky at times but there are ways to make it work. If you feel like your custody rights are being violated, make sure you seek some legal guidance